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On Site Check­-in

Your team should arrive at Athlete’s Village at least one hour prior to your first race. Note: Plan to arrive at Cooper River Park at least 90 minutes prior to your first race to allow time to park and get to the festival site. You will also want time to set up your site as a gathering place for your team.


Your Team Captain should check-­in your team on the day of the race at the Registration Tent. There, we will double-­check that all waivers are in order. Captains with last­-minute roster changes can make them at the Registration Tent during check-­in.



What to Bring

Come prepared for the day’s weather. Remember you are at an outdoor event and the event is “Rain or Shine”, so bring the necessary rain gear, including hats, umbrellas, etc. if it is raining. If it is hot and sunny, dress lightly and remember to bring sunscreen, hats, and secure sunglasses. Many paddlers get wet while racing, so do bring a change of clothing, especially if the weather is cooler and/or rainy. Running shoes may also get wet, so you may prefer to have water shoes or secure rubber-bottomed sandals to wear while you are on the boat. Teams should also bring their own 10’ X 10’ tent/canopy, healthy snacks or lunch, water and chairs. We’ll supply the paddles and life vests.




All teams should report to the marshalling area (where teams line up by the docks) 30 minutes prior to race time. Races sometimes run fast, so it’s important to arrive at marshalling early in case we’re running ahead of schedule. Use the wait time to warm up your team prior to boarding the boat. Remember, if you are not lined up in time, you may end up forfeiting your race.


Race Day Safety

During these times, we recognize the importance of providing a safe environment for our participants and volunteers. We will monitor and follow all local, regional and national CDC guidelines regarding COVID-19 to help everyone feel secure and have a great time!

All participants must wear a certified PFD (Personal Flotation device) which will be supplied. Personal PFDs may be used so long as it is US Coast Guard Approved. Inflatable PFDs may be worn, however they must be worn in the proper manner, the flotation pouch must be facing forwards and the belt must be securely attached.


Before getting in the boat each paddler must identify their seat partner. Though capsizing is rare, in the event that it happens, all paddlers are to remain calm and check that their buddy is okay. The drummer will buddy with two pacers or strokes, and the steersperson with paddlers in the last row.


All participants are strongly discouraged from taking any kind of valuable or electronic device on board with them as there is a possibility of these items getting wet or lost from paddling or during capsize. The race organizers are not responsible for ANY lost items.


Unless absolutely necessary and under the control of the coach, it is strictly forbidden for a paddler to stand up in the boat for risk of capsizing (especially at the finish of a race). The risk of capsizing is elevated when teams celebrate in the boat after crossing the finish line. Any team capsizing, or coming close to capsizing due to over celebration after the race may receive a time penalty or disqualification.


Medical Staff will be on site in the event that any participant becomes injured or becomes ill during the festival. If the condition is serious, medical staff may restrict a participant from continuing in the festival.

Race Day Announcer: Bob Mina

Back on the mic this year will be Bob Mina.  Bob started paddling in 2004 on a corporate Dragon Boat team and was tricked into joining the Philadelphia Dragon Boat Association in 2008 by Christopher Marquart.  Since then, he has been a member of Team USA four times (2011, 2013, 2015, 2017), and has been fortunate enough to win two World Championship Gold Medals at the 1000 Meter (Senior A Mixed, Hungary 2013; Premier Open, China 2017).  He also was a paddler on the US Premier Open boat that sank to the gunwale in the 500 Final, but still crossed the line in 4th despite being just about completely submerged! :0

When not paddling or running, Bob resides in West Chester, Pennsylvania with his absurdly patient wife (Lynda), and his 13 year-old daughter (Katie - a three-time medalist at Dragon Boat in her own right), and four cats that pretty much run the house.  

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